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Best Bathroom Renovations Balmain

Fed up with taking a bath in a dismal bathroom? Don’t languish in silence. Ring the best bathroom renovator in Balmain. Here’s why…

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More Bang for your Bucks

We work inside your budgeted amount to provide a solution that satisfies your bathroom upgrading objectives, needs and specifications.
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All-in-One Service

We deliver an unified bathroom makeover experience with a team of contractors. Therefore, you don’t have to linger around managing a lot of tradies at various phases of your bathroom renovation.
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Certified & Insured Team

Any bathroom renovations above $1,000 in labor and fittings & fixtures in value call for a licensed renovator, according to NSW Fair Trading. Our team has all the relevant licenses and certifications to perform any bathroom renovation job in Sydney to provide you a 100% peace of mind.

FREE Estimates

Obtain a free no obligation estimatation of costs after we visit the location and learn about your view and renovation goals.

On Time Completion

All timelines are mentioned at the commencement of the project so you can plan accordingly. Our team gets the job done within the given time so you can get back to your day-to-day life as rapidly as possible.

On Budget Completion

Our staff ensure there isn’t any unbudgeted expenditure by working as a team from the planning level while developing a meticulous scope of work and factual estimatation of costs. Furthermore, we give a comprehensive estimate so you can take into account all determinants in your budget.

Our Process


We’ll come to you to look at your bathroom, analyse your prerequisites and grab an understanding of your aspirations.

Estimated Costs

Once you agree with the proposed design, we will orgainse a cost estimate inclusive of labor and fittings & fixtures. Having said that, feel free to choose your own fixtures if you desire.


Our staff start renovating your bathroom accordant with the comprehensive plan provided. All trash is removed once the work is done.

We hardly review any contractor but, this team labored extremely hard to acquire this rating on our flat’s bathroom redoing project.A big thanks to Lucas the Site Manager for this project.

Corey, Croydon

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Truly the most delightful and skillful staff we’ve engaged. They remodeled our bathroom with great attention to details. Hugely recommended!

Brenda, Burwood

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We received a lot of helpful information at the start of the project. It was a uninterrupted renovation job. Each tradesman allowed the path for the subsequent so the project was finished as deftly as possible.

Luke, Inner West

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How Much Does it Cost to Renovate a Bathroom?

Not by any means there is a concrete response to this query. It very much depends on your bathroom makeover objectives. The vision of your new bathroom principally determines the costs. For example, if a bathroom you imagined has to run into structural changes then costs will be really high up as compared with just replacing the old fixtures like toilet, vanity or tub.

This being said, cost of Bathroom Renovations in Balmain is splitted into 3 cost categories. Once again, it’s a very generic grouping of bathroom renovation costs just so you have a starting point when you are at the investigative phase.

Basic or Small Space Bathroom Renovations$5,000 to $10,000

Typical Renovations – Upwards of $10,000 to $20,000

High-end Makeovers – Above $20,000

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Balmain is a suburb in the Inner West of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Balmain is located 2 km (1.2 mi) west of the Sydney central business district, in the local government area of the Inner West Council. It sits on a small peninsula that juts out of Sydney Harbour, directly opposite Milsons Point.

It is located on the Balmain peninsula surrounded by Port Jackson, adjacent to the suburbs of Rozelle to the south-west, Birchgrove to the north-west, and Balmain East to the east. Iron Cove sits on the western side of the peninsula, with White Bay on the south-east side and Mort Bay on the north-east side.

Traditionally blue collar, Balmain was where the industrial roots of the trade unionist movement began. It has become established in Australian working-class culture and history, due to being the place where the Australian Labor Party formed in 1891 and its social history and status is of high cultural significance to both Sydney and New South Wales. Today, the ALP contends with the Australian Greens for political prominence in Balmain, and Jamie Parker of the Greens holds the State seat of Balmain.