All You Need To Know About Small Bathroom Renovations in 2020

Small Bathroom Renovations Sydney

More and more people are now opting to live in smaller units in Sydney due to cost and convenience preferences. Apartment living has become a fact of Sydney life. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t update your small space bathroom. One of the most common misconceptions is you can’t do much styling and upgrading if your bathroom space is tiny. That’s not true at all. All it needs is a little bit of creativity and lots of planning to breathe a new life into your dated small bathroom.

While many people shy away from doing extensive remodelling in their home, it is one of the best ways to create a space that you and your family will love to use. You can create the bathroom of your dreams without breaking the bank if you’re willing to take on a project.

To help you on your journey, we’ve compiled our favorite tips, tricks and key information that may convince you to upgrade your tiny bathroom. Don’t waste any more time in a space that doesn’t reflect your taste. Here’s everything you need to know about taking on a small bathroom renovation in Sydney, Australia.


Do’s and Don’ts of Small Space Bathroom Renovations


Do: Create a design plan

Small bathroom renovations can seem like an overwhelming task if you don’t have a set plan of action. You can create a sleek, modern vibe in your space with neutral colors and minimal decor. Bathroom makeovers don’t have to cost a fortune.

Building a detailed design plan as well as a budget will keep you from overspending. It keeps you accountable to a set budget limit while also giving your parameters for the expenses you will have.

Don’t: Prioritize a tub over a shower

Despite being useful for small families with younger kids, tubs are not considered a necessity in modern bathroom renovations. Instead of spending precious money on a tub, invest that money on a shower upgrade that will add property value to your tiny bathroom space. Your shower will be the focal point of your small bathroom at the end of your renovation.

Do: Trust the Professionals

It can be tempting to complete your entire small bathroom renovation on your own in order to save some money. However, if you’re not completely confident with skills like electrical wiring and plumbing, let the professionals handle it. It’s better to have a job done well than to try and make it work on your own. Remember, you can always finish the painting as well as do the demolition on your own.


Small Bathroom Reno Tips for People on a Budget


Save your cabinets: While they may not be the newest, flashy model, the existing cabinetry in your bathroom can be given a new life during a renovation. Instead of spending money on a new vanity, figure out a way to refinish your current vanity. This can be as simple as adding a coat of paint and new hardware.

Refinish your existing tub: Similarly to your vanity, your bathtub may not need to be completely replaced. If it is in relatively new condition, you can save money by cleaning and refinishing your tub.

Update your fixtures: The fixtures in your bathroom can help set the tone for the whole space. However, upgrading every fixture can add up quickly. Don’t get carried away by the flashy appeal of an upgrade. The goal is to stay within your budget. A good way to save money on your reno: simply update the fixtures you have in your current bathroom. New fixtures will add polish to your space without breaking the bank.


How long does a tiny bathroom renovation take?


The timeline of a small bathroom renovation can fluctuate depending on a few key factors. Is your space in need of a complete demolition? This can lengthen your timeline considerably. While you can take on minor work, such as painting or hardware changes, and complete it in a few days, gutting your bathroom can turn this small remodel into a project spanning several months.

The amount of time your project will take also depends on the help you have at your disposal. Tackling a project on your own will entail a longer timeline. However, if you plan on hiring a contractor with his own crew, they may be able to handle a bigger project in a fraction of the time.

Your remodel may also be affected by the availability of the materials you want to use in your bathroom makeover. If everything you need is ready for you to purchase right away, then your timeline will not suffer. However, items on backorder will cause delays. Your timeline can lengthen into several weeks, if not months.

Another thing to keep in mind during any type of renovation: you never know what you will uncover in your home. Every homeowner needs to be prepared for the unexpected when completing upgrades in their home. A nasty surprise can lead to a different timeline than you first expected.


How much does a small bathroom renovation cost in Sydney?

The cost for renovating any small bathroom in your home depends on the expenses you’re willing to make during the project. Remodels of this type are usually around $10,000 and can go up to $30,000 for pricier upgrades. The average price for a small bathroom renovation in Australia is about $17,000. However, this number can change based upon the size of your bathroom, the extent of your renovation and the materials being used.

Hopefully, these tips and tricks will help you get a good grasp on what your tiny bathroom renovation will look like. While remodelling your home can be overwhelming, there are a number of steps you can take to make sure you stay in control of your project.